Keeping promises

I Promise

The art of keeping a promise is intertwined with trustworthiness. So one would expect a person they deemed to be trustworthy or have trust in, to keep their promise. When you do not keep your words, the other party loses an ounce of trust in you and this keeps on happening until they no longer trust you to be able to ask you for help or even have faith in the words you speak. The tiniest of our actions can lead to repercussions we would never contemplate. Fulfilling a promise is a huge obligation upon us as Muslims (as most of us know already) – but sometimes it’s the little things that miss our eyes.


When you make a promise, you plant a little seed of hope and expectation in the hearts of the people you love. Think again next time before you say you will do something for them, and try to make that little extra effort their way and fulfill your promise without delaying it. I say this to myself before anyone else, as it would sadden me deeply if my sibling no longer came to me for help knowing they have no remaining faith in me. We are defined by our actions, not our words.


“Oh you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most hateful it is in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not do”
 (Qur’an 61:2-3).


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